Cutting department

The fabric received directly from the supplier is quantitatively (weight and size) and qualitatively (washing, shrinking, light exposure tests) examined. A special software application automatically creates the positioning of the models in order to optimize fabric usage.

It is also possible to make manual positioning upon the client's request in the case of particular designs.


A specialised  team spreads out the fabric on the cutting tables. The fabric is unrolled and allowed to rest for several hours in order to avoid shrinking and deformities on the cut components.

Cutting may be automatic on Lectra or IMA cutting machines or with classical machines(bandzeg).


Additional preparation may also be done:

a) cutting ribbons in different width for binders

b) lace trimming and embelishments(sequin/stones)

Est Company Rom  is a manufacturer of light apparel specialized in underwear and swimwear.






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